Cooking Classes

Lit Vegan


​Online vegan Japanese cooking lesson will start soon.


​Vegetarianism and Veganism are lifestyles that are not only healthy, but also good for the environment.

Natural cultivationOrganic

I useNatural cultivation organic ingredients as much as possible. And condiments made in  a traditional way. 

Small Batch

I support small-batch producers that guarantee products made with passion and attention to detail.


The body is made from food
Food is made from the land

I promote sustainable cooking

with respect towards the environment.

Vegan Japanese Cooking Experience

All vegan menu .

All recipes are beginner-friendly, people without cooking experience are welcome.

1lesson 5,000yen per person


​Vegan Sushi

Various types of sushi

(nigiri, maki,inari)


Vegan japanese sweets

​Shojin Cuisine

Soba sushi

Sesame tofu


Simmered kabocha squash​

Deep fry and simmer koyadofu

Mitarashi dango


​Vegan Ramen

Vegan dan dan ramen

Vegan teriyaki BBQ

vegan Japanese sweets



Aiko Sawano

Since becoming a licensed dietitian in Ishikawa Prefecture, I have studied agriculture while working as a chef and developing the menu for a vegetarian restaurant and a café-restaurant in Kanazawa. In 2014, I began organic vegetarian cooking classes in Canada. Since returning to Japan, I had been based in Tokyo then moved in Kanazawa. I  had been involved in a wide variety of activities, such as hosting natural farming and vegan cooking classes, running a stall at vegan or organic events, pop-up restaurants, and catering services.

For the overseas tourists who join my classes from around the world, I convey, through cooking, the beauty of condiments made using Japanese traditional methods and excellent ingredients obtained from natural farming.
- Nominated for the Japanese vegetarian award in 2018 and 2019.
- Introduced naturally farmed vegan sushi at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco.

- Aims to disseminate natural farming overseas by, for example, giving a lecture on naturally farmed vegan sushi at an event held by Bi-Rite Market, a supermarket known for changing eating habits in San Francisco.
- Selected as a chef and served the vegan sushi chosen for the “Dream dinner” at the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Kanazawa.

- Quarterly magazine “Shizen Saibai” (natural farming) featured naturally farmed vegan sushi.

I hold Nutritionist, Junior Vegetable Sommelier and Junior Olive Oil Sommelier certifications.





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